• Shirley S.

    Debye is an amazing practitioner! I was very nervous since this was my first "real" massage, but she made me feel very comfortable from our initial contact, so my nervousness subsided very quickly. She was professional and my body feels GREAT! I am going back in 2 weeks, and also referring everyone that needs bodywork to her. Thanks again Debye!

  • Alfred R.

    Debye Peters is an amazing Massage Therapist. I have had a variety of massages from here. I'm a bigger man who need extra attention when it comes to massage. Debye's 1.5 hour deep tissue and 1.5 hour hot stone massages are the best. I highly recommend one of the two or both on separate days to anyone who workout frequently. Her massages will keep you lose and increase your performance in the gym.

  • Sharum S.

    I have been a client of Debye's for many years. As a health care provider myself, I feel very fortunate I have crossed paths with Debye. She has a very big and loving heart along with a tranformative and healing touch. I just love my sessions with her.

  • Shar W.

    I had a terrible problem with stress headaches from neck and shoulder tension. Went to several therapists and a chiropractor. Not until I saw Debye did I get any relief. And in only one session, the headaches were gone for almost two years.

  • Kimberley B.

    She really listens to me describe my concerns and aches, but is intuitive as well in her ability to listen to the body with her hands. She's very professional, easy to communicate with and provides fabulous massage. I love the hour and a half massage, but usually get an hour massage every two weeks. It's been over two years since I've been sick, and I attribute relaxation with massage to be part of what I do to take care of me! I highly recommend Debye's massage therapy!

  • Saundra D.

    I was privileged to be able to have Debye Peters give me a massage. She instinctively knew where all of my hurts were and addressed each one in an appropriate manner. I am now thinking of reasons why I must fly through Los Angeles so that I can have her work on me.

  • Cynthia T.

    Debye has played an instrumental part on my journey to wellness. I came to her with a history of ongoing migraines. Under Debye's care, the migraines have decreased significantly. She has the ability to diffuse all the stress and tension that builds up in the back of my neck and shoulders. She also teaches deep breathing and relaxation techniques. I so look forward to her massages. Thanks Debye for your healing touch!

  • Judith B.

    Debye has all the admirable qualities of the best massage therapists. She creates a warm, comfortable healing environment. She practices all the healing modalities from cranial sacral to deep tissue. Her hands run healing energy into my body and I am thankful for her healing abilities. The talent that sets her apart from other massage therapists is her business acumen. She does her paperwork for the insurance claims. She keeps track of my progress. She stays on top of her clients' needs and issues. I highly recommend her as your next massage therapist.

  • Mélanie H.

    Debye takes the time to get to know your issues. Her calming effect over your body begins before she even touches you – she even breathes with you as she works. I came in with a jaw issue so severe that I could barely chew or talk. Two Cranial Sacral sessions later, I felt great.

  • Michelle D.

    Debye works to assist in releasing tensions and restrictions within the body which may be limiting one's full functionality. Her diverse level of training allows her to adapt to each situation. Her neck work is the best!!!.


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