Massage and Holistic Services

  • Medical Massage

    Focuses on soft tissue injuries caused by auto accidents as well as chronic conditions such as back or neck pain, migraines, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sprains or strains and carpal tunnel syndrome. The process helps your soft tissues and muscles recover by reducing pain and swelling thus speeding the healing process. Your doctor, chiropractor or naturopath may prescribe medical massage as part of your wellness or recovery plan.

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

    A gentle therapy that enhances the functioning of your cranio-sacral system (the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord). It is a very subtle therapy used to facilitate movement and to release restrictions and is helpful for migraines, brain and spinal cord injuries, vertigo, TMJ and chronic neck or back pain or injuries to the body. You remain clothed during this session.

  • Mana LomiĀ®

    An ancient healing work from Hawaiin ancestry that works soft and deep to the bones. As Mana LomiĀ® creator Dr. Makaala Yates says, "Communicating down to the bones physically and energetically is significant. It gives room for the client to allow the practitioner to go as deep as they can tolerate, yet be non-invasive while achieving the desired outcome.

    "It is at the bone level that all memory is stored from past traumas, injuries or emotional links. As with many indigenous cultures, the bones are the most important and protected part of the physical structure. It is here that specific codes are stored that make up each individual on a DNA level. Tapping into the bones allows the practitioner to communicate on a soul level, so healing can take place."

  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy / Myofascial Release

    Uses more pressure at a slower pace to go deeper into your muscles. The treatment is great for stretching and toning your muscles. A great therapy for people with chronic sore or stiff muscles, it is done without oil to release restrictions in your fascia.

  • Illi Lomi Stone Massage Therapy

    This therapy utilizes hot stones applied to your body via relaxing massage strokes. A favorite among busy executives, the massage provides the ultimate in deep relaxation. Clients call it a treat for your whole body. A definite winner as gift for that someone special!

  • TMJ Release Protocol

    A specific protocol of relaxing neck, shoulder, head, face and mouth muscles to help this condition. Very good for headaches and migraines as well.

  • Quantam Laser Treatments

    Cold lasers applied to your body using red, infrared, violet & patented Scalerwave technology. May be useful for pain relief, anti-aging, arthitis, promoting relaxation of soft tissues, increasing blood circulation, headaches, and wound healing.

  • Shiatsu

    A traditional Chinese medicine employing both passive stretching and acupressure along your body's meridians. It is particularly good for releasing blocked energy and helps to relieve fatigue, soreness and tension while stimulating your body's self-healing mechanisms. You remain clothed during this session.

  • Reiki (Ray-Kee)

    The ancient art of channeling the universal life force energy for healing and balancing. Reiki can be used on anyone, regardless of medical condition, even pre- and post- operative. This deeply relaxing session is not contraindicated by any condition.


  • Children of the Sun

    A global platform of planetary Light Servers. Our charity to Earth is in ensuring we form global Group Avatar... empty of self and one with coherently connected, ascended and free Unity Consciousness.

  • Mercola

    The #1 rated natural wellness site and home of Dr. Mercola, NY Times best selling author.

  • Higher Health

    Quantum healing tools.